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Rather than link to Every ISON Website and Blog going, I’m just going to link to a handful which I think you will find *genuinely* useful…

WAITING FOR ISON” – My own “Everything About ISON” blog, with lots of beginners information about how to photograph the comet, how to find your ideal observing location, and much more.

Comet ISON Observing Campaign” If there’s an ‘official’ website for Comet ISON, this is it. Lots of good, solid information about what comets are, how to observe ISON, and much, much more.

HUBBLE ISON Blog” The famous Hubble Space telescope has already taken several images of ISON, and will be taking a lot more in the weeks and months ahead. Keep track of them on this blog.

Daniel Fischer’s Predictions for Comet ISON German Outreacher Daniel Fischer is one of the most prolific and experienced astronomy bloggers, Facebookers and Tweeters around, and he has done an amazing amount of work on Comet ISON. This link takes you to a very detailed table of information predicting what Daniel has calculated we can expect / hope for Comet ISON to do later this year. It’s more for experienced amateur astronomers¬† than casual observers.

Up In The Sky – Comet ISON Information” Lots of really useful information about Comet ISON here, including a full and regularly updated ephemeris (table of figures describing the comet’s position and brightness, etc) and an interactive sky map showing where ISON will be in the weeks and months ahead. There are lots of other astronomical information-packed pages too.


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